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Women’s Self Care is the New Health Care

“The Profound Woman deeply cares for her Self. She dances to the song in her head. She speaks her truth through the rhythm of her heart. And loves from the depths of her soul.”

– Annie Reed


In every moment you have an opportunity to choose to tap into your resilience and your truth – the essence of your strength as a woman.


Through presence, deep listening, self-inquiry, powerful questions, and co-creating a compelling vision for your future achieving your desired results through action, learning, accountability, support, and a relentless belief in your capabilities to heal.


When is the last time you paused?…to listen, to feel, to experience your innate wisdom and power, to just breath settling your nervous system, and trust your truth of healing!

Why Work With Us?

Prana can be a tricky thing to understand because it’s unseen. It is, however, felt. Through a clearer awareness of what prana is and what it isn’t, it’s possible to become more closely connected to the energy of prana in a felt sense. When we connect to prana, we connect to the world around us and to our true selves.

When prana is flowing freely in our body, we have reached full integration. Wisdom, pure thoughts, complete joy and contentment flow through us.

When prana is low or depleted we feel stress, anxiety, low energy, exhaustion, make poor lifestyle choice, poor food choices, inadequate sleep, irritability, difficulty to focus, imbalances, and dis-ease has the opportunity to manifest within our tissues as we age.

Most of us go through our entire life seeking this free flowing prana, this deep nourishment, the sense of wellness to feel good in our body and mind. Each of us are uniquely designed and requires courage, commitment, belief, and support from a wisdom seeking nurse coach that has the knowledge, the personal journey, and depth to hold sacred space for you to experience deep profound healing.

I am here..

True Purpose

“Life before your coaching was full of doubt and anxiety. After working with you these past few months I now have true purpose, direction, confidence, and I feel really, really happy. Thank you!”

Kari D. Ontario, Canada
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As a Registered Nurse Coach and Certified Wellness Practitioner,

Annie Reed is passionate about creating a safe and supportive space for women to honor their needs, own their power, and speak their truth. She views her clients as creative, resilient, resourceful, and innately well.</b

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